Yesterday was our first full day and it was a long day, let me tell you!

We went to a ISA program orientation, a bus tour, and then a walking tour.
Then some roommates and I went to a nice dinner place and had pasta and rissoto with some wine. Then we accidentally took the bus back into town. It’s okay cause it just went in a circle anyways and we got to see the Coliseum at night!

This morning we just went out for groceries, stopped at a bakery (yum) and then found a grocery and on the way back stopped for some caffé. The espresso shots pulled perfectly from the machine with just the right amount of crema at the end. It was like watching heaven dribble out of a faucet. The café is just around the corner and the rest of the shops are just down the street.

If you look up Via Luigi Ronzoni in Rome, Italy on google maps we are about 4 buildings to the west of Via di Tal Vellina on the south side of the street.

Gotta go, we’re got AUR orientation today.