Lost in Translation moments:

A. Actually I am having one right now. The keyboard on this computer is an international one so the punctuation keys are all messed up. I’ve been trying to get used to it and now, for some reason, the left shift key gives me an american key board shift keys while the right one gives me the symbols on the board when I use it…and now it won’t even let me use the European ones at all. I am confused and really sorry if this post isn’t easy to read and has bad grammar, it’s because I can’t use the punctuation keys.

B. Got into shower, showerhead was low and shower size is about 3 feet by 2 feet. Able to adjust showerhead properly, however can’t enlarge shower. Sad Pants.

C. Have been able to purchase water and candy, caffe-espresso in the states, cappuchino, various groceries, and postcards -soon to be sent out. Washing Machine detergent smells like gross, bread that we bought was old, sandwich I ordered calzo -“hot” was soggy and cold on the bottom, and roommates bought not-so-good wine.

D. Taking ANT493 Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality in Europe. Way upper level anthropology course that I am not mentally prepared for.

E. Also taking ARC 101 Roman Archeology On-Site. Am not proficient in Roman history.

F. Can’t figure out if Rome has any indie music venues. I found one that Belle and Sebastian played at in 1996ish. I figured if I went to the websites of the bands I like I would be able to look through their tours through Europe to see if they played anywhere in Rome. B&S had this venue called Horus on their old tour and so I looked it up. A few travel sites say it’s still open, I will try calling or going to the record store to see if it is still around.

G. Really miss my best friend and my boyfriend.