So Sunday was my my ex-roommate’s 20th birthday, and her new roommates and I took her out and she had a couple of drinks and got a little tipsy, it was fun. She doesn’t drink much, so getting her tipsy was kind of a big deal. But hey, we figure, when is she going to be in Sorrento, Italy again for her birthday?! She had to live it up a little, right? Not to mention, she had a pretty fun time.

Yesterday was another friend’s 21 birthday. Well.
So she had had dinner with her other friends earlier and I met up with them in Campo de’ Fiori for more drinks and just to hang out. We had a drink each, and then decided to go to Mc D’s (they’re idea, not mine) and get a light snack. While we were there, I suggested we go to 4:20 for a beer since she loves beer and I do too and her friend’s don’t-so she needs someone to go to the beer pub with her. I told her I’d buy her a birthday drink and so we spilt from the other two around 11. So we start walking to the bar, take a wrong turn, and end up zig-zaging through the neighborhood because that part of Rome isn’t even close to being on a grid system at all. We finally end up on the right street to get there, and ZOOM! She goes flying ahead of me about 15 or so feet, tumbling head over heels. A guy on a moped had tried to grab her purse and drive off with it but instead he had grabbed her dress and just dragged her on the pavement for a bit before realizing that he wasn’t getting anything. He swerved, stopped in front of us, I got a look at him, and then he drove off. Unfortunately he was just your standard late 20ish white Italian guy with a striped shirt on. I ran over to her and helped her up and made sure she was okay. Then some other people who were around and saw the thing happen brought us water and made sure she and I were on our way somewhere safe. We went into a Chinese restaurant and I got her cleaned up a little. She only had a two scrapes on her elbow and shoulder, a big bruise and scratch on her hip, and a bump on her head. She didn’t have signs of a concussion so I just walked her home to her apartment and made sure she told her roommate so that there was some sort of observation for bad signs. My bus stop was right next to where she lived so I hopped on and got home before 12:10. So that was her birthday, great, huh?

Tomorrow is Michael’s 21st birthday and I am so upset that I can’t be there with him. I want to take him out and get him a nice dark beer and just be with him. I miss him so much. I hope that Fran will take good care of him tomorrow, I’m pretty certain she will though.

That and a lot of reading about Yugoslavia is what’s going on this week with me…