My month here is up. I leave tomorrow from my apartment at 6:30 AM and don’t get back to Phoenix until 7:15 PM. I do however gain 9 hours, so it’ll be 5:15 AM here when I get to Phoenix. Almost 24 straight hours of traveling. Pretty awesome.

I am so glad I came out here. Rome definitely is everything I hoped for and much more. The rest of Italy too, by the way.

Last night I had rabbit Roman style at a little osteria around a few corners from the Pantheon, called Osteria da Mario. It was amazing.

Ash came in to town on Tuesday night and we we out and had lots of fun. That night we went to this cute little faerie themed restaurant Le Fate, I think it was called. Amazing. Started with the cheese platter and sweet wine and then I had the roasted lamb with roman spinach. Soo good.

I’m hoping to get a good meal by myself tonight and go out to get some last minute shopping done. My luggage is filling up, but there are still a couple of things I want to grab before I come home.

I can’t wait to see my guy again. He’s been on my mind this whole month and I see him in like…37ish hours.

Kay, gotta go work on this packing thing so I can go out with friends tonight!