Last week ended on a great note!

Almost all of my dishes have come out awesome (at least to me, to the Chef, maybe just ‘good’ as he said)!!

Friday we made braised cabbage, roasted veggies, grilled and marinated veggies, clarified butter, and mushroom duxelle. Again, the only criticism was “add more salt” to the marinade for the grilled vegetables. It was a lot to get done, but I finished on time and was proud of my spread. I know I need to work on getting my mise en place going way faster. It took me more than half an hour to get all my ingredients together, prepped, and ready to cook. I’m confident things will work smoother once I’m completely together and familiar with the kitchen. My in-the-kitchen partner disappeared in the middle of class, which was kind of disappointing, I was hoping she’d pull herself together. It’s also kind of not disappointing because she has been incredibly negative and discouraged the entire week and was very vocal about it which annoyed me. I’m happy and feel privileged to be there, and if she “hates knives” and “hates this” then there’s something off. Not to mention the way she held her knives- pointing straight out like she was going to shank someone no matter where she was going in the kitchen, and definitely not saying “sharp behind” like standard safety practices- I was nervous to be in such close quarters with that. I could be jumping to conclusions that she’s not coming back, and I’ll be happy to help if she does want to put on at least a straight face if not a positive one and work hard to get through this school, but if I could spare myself an accidental stabbing, I’d be happy too.

Anyways, ended the day with pizza (awesome pizza) and plenty of fresh raspberries (which are always on the buffet table – SCORE) I didn’t eat dessert only because it was this huge gateau (although it looked amazing and matcha-y). My classmates are pretty great and we all had a good talk about eating animals. Also, I asked Chef Wilson (the big boss man) why we didn’t have compost and he did not know and seemed intrigued, so I think I might make it a project to get some compost going for the herb garden. Chef Wilson also said that if our class is particularly good we can get a whole pig for our meat fabrication class, I hope we get it!

I’ve been studying and writing this blog and watching The French Chef with Julia Child. The test tomorrow is gonna be intense, but I think I’ll do a good job. I feel very comfortable with the material and can’t wait to KO!

The chapter for tomorrow is Salads, on Splendid Table  they were doing vinaigrettes and it made me happy to correlate NPR with my schooling. 😀

Wish me luck on my first test!