I’m a San Antonian who is also an Honorary Austinite and an Honorary Phonecian who lives in Tempe. I studied abroad in Rome, Italy the summer of 2009 and this blog was originally used as a journal for that month, hence the name. Now it is a journal for my wonderful 9 month education prepping me for the culinary world!

I have been a food obsessed person since I was little, though only with whatever resources I’ve had. I am inexperienced in many ways and there is plenty out there for me to learn and Arizona Culinary Institute is giving me a swift kick in the butt to get me on my way to being comfortable in the foodie/professional kitchen environment.

I love local Phoenix music and love supporting those who make music on a small scale because they really enjoy making music.

Note: I realize that it’s a little silly to be updating my grades for the world to see, and it probably seems like I am bragging, BUT in essence this journal is something for me to come back to later in life to remember my time at Arizona Culinary Institute and that does entail knowing my progress through the classes. Also, I am just snooty sometimes, especially with this experience because it is my passion and I like to engage in a little indulgence in my success from time to time 😀